Shoken as Ninja
Shoken as Ninja
Shoken as Ninja
Shoken as Ninja
Shoken as Ninja

Shoken as Ninja

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The tumult created in the wake of the Great Ninja Wars quickly spread outside the heavily cloistered boundaries of the ninja themselves, upsetting the very tapestry of life for the innocents caught up in the conflict. There were those who rose up against the Ninja, seeing them as an outdated threat that needed to be put down for the greater good. While the mystery man known as Fumetsu waged an open war against the Ninja, the wandering hero Shoken adopted a different tactic, invading the ninja from within, using their own dark arts against them...


  • 6 inch scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Multiple points of articulation


  • ninja figure
  • katana and sheath
  • wakazashi and sheath
  • sheath holder
  • hood up
  • hood down
  • balaclava head
  • zukin head
  • Shoken head
  • devil mask
  • torso strap
  • scarf
  • grip hands
  • fist hands
  • chop hands
  • splayed hands